Engineered Hardwood Flooring – The Perfect Choice For Your Abode

When it comes to moving into a new house or renovating an old house, it becomes important to enhance the aesthetic look of the house. The creation of an atmosphere to relax and socialize becomes utmost important and hence, having a great flooring becomes essential as it is one of the most important aspects of your house. A flooring that creates space and a large look, and is value for money, is much needed. Timber engineered hard wood flooring is a classical appeal to the house with greater dimensional stability and durability. It is one of the wisest choices.

Whether you need exterior decking or interior flooring, hardwood is the only best option. Planks from soft wood generally come from fast growing trees and thus are less durable, although much cheaper. Hardwood comes from slow growing trees and thus is more tough and resistant. Wood from oak, beech, walnut, birch, cherry, jarrah and many more provide an array of choices according to your style, taste and need.

Why timber engineered wood flooring is a realistic and practical approach?

Different types of installation methods can help you get the flooring at any place in your house. Variety of options like tongue and groove method, floor connection systems including glued down and floating methods have everything covered.

After a few years when the floor starts to give an old and tired look, sanding, refinishing, and resealing the floor would put life back into it.

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The unfinished timber gives you a wide range of choice to choose from for the finishing touches. Different grain patterns, whether bold or intricate, can ideally suit your lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Extremely ideal for places with very low temperatures as it holds warmth being a natural insulator.

Installation is quick and simple with a vast variety to choose from according to your taste.

All hassles of wall to wall carpeting gets over as it is too easy to clean with a broom on a day to day basis. You are comfortable when your little ones spill food as a wet wipe or cloth is a quick solution.

Engineered hardwood flooring Toronto can be used in all those areas where local wood is not recommended. These can be installed over wood, sub floors or concrete slabs.

The planks used in this type of flooring are constructed by compressing several layers of thin sheets of wood called plies by placing them in a cross grain configuration. The plank created remains unaffected of moisture due to seasonal changes, hence neither expands nor contracts. Thus, it is superior to solid wood flooring.


Customized planks can also be made according to the desired requirement.

A huge advantage is for those who suffer from allergies. Wood doesn’t accumulate animal hair, pollen, molds or dust mites and does not provide an environment for them to grow, thus making your house free from allergens.

Adds value to your home whenever you decide to sell.

Easy replacement from hardwood flooring Toronto in case of any damage.

After all, when you finally make your dream house a reality , you have to choose what’s best for your house.

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