Shopping Tips For The Perfect Hardwood Flooring For Your House

Wide range of designs and flooring materials can create a lot of confusion for a beginner. Your home is a dream house where every penny spent should show its worth and the investment made should add value to your asset. To begin with, it is important to search and narrow your range of selection according to your house, where functionality matches your style. In today’s world there are extensive options to showcase your taste and personality.

To start with, it is important to study the location of each room. Different flooring suits different locations.

For example, if your house has basement, then there is a possibility for the room to hold ground moisture and remain damp. Solid wood flooring will not be a good choice, instead engineered hard wood flooring would be a better option. So the first criteria to consider is whether the flooring to be installed is above grade (2nd floor), on grade (1st floor) or below grade (basement).

wood flooring planks
Solid Wood Flooring Planks

Now, check if the room opens directly outside, making the room more vulnerable to dirt and moisture. Does the room get direct sunlight for a longer period, thus potentially increasing the chances for wood to fade?

All the rooms that are tread the most, are also to be kept in consideration. Apart from all this, kitchen, bathroom, laundry area and, kids play room are the other places to keep in mind.

Now think of your style for each room, whether you want a traditional, rustic or contemporary style. Which room would you want to have a formal look, a casual look, an elegant look or just a simple, comfortable look? Would you like to match the flooring with your furniture, wall paint and curtains or would like the flooring to be a complete contrast? Light colored flooring would visually make the space look open and large. Dark hardwoods flooring Toronto are excellent for a bold expression. Warm colors will give a traditional feel.

hardwood flooring toronto living room
Hardwood flooring in the living room

While selecting the species of wood, keep in mind the hardness, stability, graining and, color of the wood. The American hardwoods like red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, white ash hickory or pecan trees are commonly used in manufacturing hardwood flooring Toronto and very common for domestic purposes. You would also find new exotic hardwoods such as Tigerwood, Ipe, Brazilian cherry, African teak etc. Each species of wood has its own texture and grains.

Wide and long planks of wood are a great option for living and master bedroom. Long and wide planks, visually open up a small area and give a spacious look. These planks can be used horizontally, vertically and even diagonally for a trendy look.

Low gloss flooring is picking up the trend as it hides minor scratches, dents and dust and is more practical for high traffic areas. High gloss flooring is more appropriate for formal areas of the house.

With growing need of hardwood flooring Toronto, new technologies are emerging with each passing day, allowing consumers to choose from a wide range suiting their personality, taste, style and budget. Happy shopping, and remember to choose the best for your house.

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