3 Reasons why men should start wearing a watch

A good watch – a wood watch – is a special accessory. Sure, it’s functional, but it is also an important part of looking like a well-groomed man. While watches may have fallen out of fashion with the rise of smart phones, they’re back and more important than ever. All men should wear watches, no matter what their occupation. Well-made watches help a man to look mature and professional while helping him to reduce the habit of checking his phone.

A Mature Look

Child have toys, and adults have watches. Decades ago, wearing a watch was one of the signs that you had exited childhood and entered manhood. Today, a watch is something of a signal that you take life seriously. A good watch, coupled with the right clothing, will make you look mature – not older, but rather more in charge of your own life. It’s a sign that you care about how you look and how you are perceived. This can go a long way towards proving that you are serious about whatever activity in which you participate.

Professional Accessory

Watches are, simply put, for professionals. It doesn’t matter if you’re working the register at retail or you’re a partner at a law firm, there’s something about a watch that screams professionalism. Perhaps it has to do with the issues concerning maturing above, or perhaps it is the fact that a watch has become something of a status symbol. A watch is a conscious choice, one made by professionals who need to keep track of time and look their best. Men who want to be looked at as professionals should always wear a watch.

Putting Down the Phone

An oddly specific, yet no less important, reason to start wearing a tense wood watch is that it can help you put down your phone more often. Stop for a moment to think about how often you take out your phone to check the time. It’s not just a habit borne out of necessity, but it’s also something that makes you look rude and disinterested. It’s far easier to take a quick glance at a watch than it is to pull out a phone and it’s also far less distracting. A good watch helps to keep your mind where it belongs – on the task at hand.

Embrace modern male fashion and good a good wood watch. It will help you look more mature and professional and allow you to put down your phone so you can concentrate on the real world. Whether you are looking for fashion or for practicality, a well-made watch can change the way others perceive you. A good watch may indeed help you feel like more of a man.

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