6 Perks You Have in Furnished Apartments That You Don’t in Hotel Rooms

From business trips to family vacations, there are quite a few perks to renting furnished apartments. Hotel rooms are small and don’t provide the benefits that you might think they do. You might be surprised by what you can do in an apartment.

1. Cook Your Own Food

There is a kitchen inside of furnished apartments. They’re also stocked with pots and pans. It provides you with the chance to go grocery shopping and stock up the pantry and fridge. You can then cook meals each day as opposed to going out to eat. It saves you money and delivers convenience.

2. Gain Privacy

Hotel rooms are known for being very open. It’s one big room for the living room and bedroom. With an apartment, there are actual bedrooms. When you have more than one person staying with you, it’s possible to find units that have two or three bedrooms. It’s a guaranteed way to get some privacy for yourself and others.

3. Wash Clothes

Many furnished apartments┬áToronto have washers and dryers inside of them. This gives you the chance to do your laundry as often as you desire. It is particularly important when you are staying for several weeks. You also don’t have to worry about someone else going through your laundry if you walk away for a few minutes.

4. Park Your Car for Free

More and more hotels are charging daily fees for parking. When you stay in an apartment, you get to use the parking lots at no cost. It’s just another way to save money. Plus, you might find that you’re closer to your front door.

5. Watch TV on a Couch, Not a Bed

A furnished apartment will be outfitted with all sorts of furniture in the unit. You will have a couch to watch your TV instead of having to sit in the bed. In order to do this in a hotel, you would likely have to upgrade to a suite, which can be an expensive undertaking.

6. Save Money on Extended Stays

An apartment is going to be a more affordable option when you’re staying in a city for weeks or months. The cost per night goes down the longer you stay. Hotels don’t generally discount the nights, regardless of how long you might be staying in town.

Knowing the perks to a furnished apartment will make it easier for you to choose the best accommodations when you travel.

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