5 Care Tips for Residential Windows That Homeowners Need to Know

Windows happen to be an essential part of your house. They represent your home before anyone enters in. That’s why as a homeowner it’s good to make sure your windows are always functioning by consulting window manufactures Toronto services. These days windows are known to act as perfect assets when it comes to adding the value of a house, especially if the windows are well maintained. In addition to that, if you have well-maintained windows, you improve the security of your home. Due to the constant weather changes yearly, it’s good to make sure that your windows are well-taken care.

Below are five care tips for residential windows that will help you in maintaining a clean, beautiful and functional window.

1. Cleaning the Windows

Make it a weekly routine to always clean your windows. If you have the wooden residential windows, you should wipe them using damp clothes. This will get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. During winter it’s advised you use a dry cloth to wipe down the droplets of water and accumulated ice from your windows. Have sparkling clean glass windows by using the glass cleaner. Use a soft brush and a small amount of detergent when cleaning residential windows that have frames made of aluminum or vinyl. When cleaning your windows, also focus on the sections of the walls that are close to your windows, so that to prevent any accumulation of dust and dirt.

2. Glass Protection

The glasses on your home windows are always exposed to a lot of things. Kids throwing things, birds flying or paint spilling on the windows doing a home improvement project are just some of the things that can damage your window. Having an additional protective mesh can protect your window from these unexpected hazards. Also, when doing a house repainting project, it’s important to cover your windows, to protect them from paint spilling. We have liquid mask tape that acts as a very reliable window protector; once you are done, you can easily peel it off.

3. Frequent Inspection of Your House Windows

Just like any other part of your home, it’s good to have a frequent inspection of your windows. Most burglars target windows since many homeowners focus more on the doors when it comes to home security. After every weather season, you should check the condition of the windows. Severe weather conditions tend to damage the windows especially the frames and shutters. Look for signs of rust in metallic parts of the windows, signs of rotting on the wooden parts and moisture trapped in windows that are double paneled or triple paneled. Check all the window locks are functional. In case you notice anything unusual then you should seek the professional services of window repair expert.

4. Repainting Your Windows After Every Season

It’s good to give your windows a fresh look after every weather season. Well if you can’t manage to paint it after every weather season, then you can make repainting your windows an annual plan. Repainting the windows not only improves their looks but also protects them from hazardous weather conditions. Also, it’s an easy way of inspecting your window for any repairs.

5. Sealing Off the Windows

Sealing merely is the insulation of your windows. This is very important especially with the coming cold season. When you have gaps in your home windows, most of the warm air will be lost and hence making your home very cold. This in turns makes it costly for your house to use any form of energy. To avoid frequent heat loss, you need to use rubber seals on your windows. Rubber seals help in reducing air loss and water leakages. You can use the spray insulation window seals; they are more effective when it comes to window insulation.

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