5 Types of Packing Containers For Moving Day

Preparing your belongings for moving to a new location can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you have never packed for a major household move before. One of the challenges involves finding the right storage containers for moving clothing, furnishings, and personal effects from one location to another, especially when professional movers are involved. Here are commonly used packing containers that can be helpful.

1. Cardboard Boxes

Convenient and readily accessible, cardboard boxes with folding covers or no covers are often available at local general stores or supermarkets for free. Just ask a Customer Service representative when the major deliveries arrive, and if you can have some of the boxes after unloading. Shake out any dust or lingering insects, and use these lightweight containers for packing pet supplies like canned or bagged food, feeding dishes, leashes, collars, blankets, and toys. Kids’ toys and miscellaneous garden tools fit well into these boxes, too.

2. Plastic Bins

Larger plastic colored or transparent storage bins are great for packing items that you will promptly need or be looking for. You can store blankets, linens, bathroom and medicine cabinet supplies, shoes, and other smaller-scale items that won’t make a mess if tipped over during the move. Foldable clothing, pots and pans, and dishware are more examples of things that can be tucked into these plastic containers that come with a seal-on cover.

3. Laundry Baskets

Usually these don’t have covers, but you could make your own by securing a large cloth or heavy-duty plastic bag cut to fit over the opening. A laundry basket may be helpful for packing laundry supplies, paper-wrapped or boxed figurines, dishware, and silverware. Typically you want to pack unbreakable smaller items in a clothes basket. Non-perishable foods like flour, sugar, and canned goods also fit well in a clothing basket for easy access at the new location.

4. Large Trash Bags

Harder to organize, manage, and label, large trash bags may be good for bulky items, such as kids’ playthings, footwear, lawn gear like gloves and goggles, products like grass seed or rock salt, and heavy-duty but lightweight items of that type. Patio cushions, floor mats, pet carriers, and litter boxes may also be good choices for this type of conveyance.

5. Wooden Crates

With or without a cover, sturdy wooden crates work well with household items that may require solid support. Books, technological equipment like computers, speakers, router, or modem, and documents or files not stored in filing cabinets or other types of packing materials may be good candidates for crates.

Of course, you may have preferences for how to pack. These packing solutions may be helpful, or you can get assistance and supplies from the movers Toronto.

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