Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Are you confused with the never ending options of wooden flooring materials and designs? Is your perplexed mind looking to read less yet helpful matter? We definitely have summarized answers to all your questions. Here we go.

What is hardwood engineered flooring?

hardwood flooring Toronto

In today’s world the most accepted and approved flooring is the hardwood engineered flooring. Being an eco-friendly and sustainable solution, the hardwood engineered flooring is gaining popularity. This is manufactured by lamenting 4 to 10 layers of thin planks of wood called plies. These planks are placed in opposite directions and compressed together. A stable and durable plank is formed due to cross-ply construction method. This not only provides strength to the wood but prohibits from expanding and contracting during seasonal changes.

Why engineered wood flooring is the most practical choice for your house?

hardwood flooring Toronto

Hardwood engineered flooring is much sought after because of its ability and usage in any area of the house where solid wood is not recommended. It is so viable that it can be installed over wood, sub floors or concrete slabs. It is most workable in the basements as it is not vulnerable to moisture. Hardwood flooring is typically tough and resistant in all most all areas of your home – even high traffic areas.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Convenience and comfort of installation is the biggest advantage of hardwood flooring Toronto as it requires less energy, time and effort. According to the desired need, tongue and groove method, floor connection system, glued down method or floating installation method can be used. It’s very feasible if you are planning for a radiant heating system in your house. It can last for your whole life if a little care and regular maintenance is done time to time. Sanding, refinishing and resealing can bring absolutely a new look whenever you feel the floor is giving a tired look. Due to its stable nature, planks of larger width are easily available.

Is hardwood engineered flooring the right look for your house?

If you are concerned for beauty with appreciation, then hardwood engineered flooring is an answer. Think. How do you want each room to look – elegant, decorative, pleasing, artistic, contemporary, traditional, or just comfortable? Rustic look is great if you have pets as it hides most of the scratches. Do you want small spaces to look large? You can find an infinite range with different colors and designs suiting your style and taste. You can choose from the American Classic Hardwood species to exotic hardwood species from various countries. Exotic species hold superior durability for a long lasting effect.

Does it add value to your home?

Who wouldn’t love natural beauty with life long durability? The long lasting enduring appeal of hardwood flooring Toronto definitely adds value to your home. The richness of wood grains enhances the beauty of each room and increases the decor of your home, plus they are non-allergenic. It boosts and remarkably raise the value of your house when it comes to selling. It is, of course, a sound investment.

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  • Refinishing Your Hardwood Floorings

    January 19, 2017

    As it ages, your hardwood flooring NYC will most likely get scratched and begin to dull. Hardwood floors are however not like other types of flooring, and can often make a comeback. All you need to do is refinish. During its lifetime, your hardwood floor will take 10-12 complete sanding and refinishing jobs while engineered wood floors generally allow one or two refinishing jobs depending on the thickness of the featured veneer.

  • hardwood flooring Toronto
    Shopping Tips For The Perfect Hardwood Flooring For Your House

    January 4, 2017

    While selecting the species of wood, keep in mind the hardness, stability, graining and, color of the wood. The American hardwoods like red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, white ash hickory or pecan trees are commonly used in manufacturing hardwood flooring Toronto and very common for domestic purposes.

  • hardwood flooring Toronto
    Engineered Hardwood Flooring – The Perfect Choice For Your Abode

    December 19, 2016

    Engineered hardwood flooring Toronto can be used in all those areas where local wood is not recommended. These can be installed over wood, sub floors or concrete slabs. All hassles of wall to wall carpeting gets over as it is too easy to clean with a broom on a day to day basis.